C.E.I. Srl starts its adventure in the Fifties, becoming renown in the Centre of Italy as Building Construction Company.

From generation to Generation, CEI preserved its reliability, company dynamism and innovation sense that always let CEI stand out.

Our Company is continuously evolving and, thanks to our working method, we get to build a trusted relationship with professionals and customers.

C.E.I. Srl is fast and your house will be ready in a short time, thanks to our skilled work force and to the most suitable tools we will be using to get the job done. We strongly believe in innovation and this is why we are always looking for green building related new technologies .

Our Production

Magione (Pg)

img_20161110_112106Building of the second floor, completely wooden made, of a private house.

Villa indipendente Capodacqua - in vendita

20161115_154959House building in the Umbrian countryside, with garden and a 42 sq. m. garage.

Bastia Umbra (Pg)

fine-lavori-11Insulation and painting of a block of flats. External pavement and various finishing.

Cantiere "Fasola", Perugia

HPIM0610Reinforcement works of a dovecote tower, which was previously shored up and surrounded by scaffolding. During the renovation, interior finishing and metal works were made.

Sant'Arcangelo (Pg)

img-20161124-wa0022Renovation of an old country house, composed of different buildings, on the shores of Trasimeno Lake.

Perugia (Pg)

DSCN0690Wooden House building, with laminated timber roof and external insulation.

Cantiere Volteco

ACQUASCUDExternal paving waterproofing, with Volteco’s products (Acquascud 420).

Cantiere Volteco n. 2

08Pool floor waterproofing and paving, with Volteco’s products (Plastivo 180).

Rifiniture Interne

HPIM2718Building of dividers and false ceiling with plasterboard. Painting, floors and cladding.

Perugia, Piazza della Repubblica (Pg)

HPIM2826Interior finishing, stairwell, floor and painting.

Bastia Umbra (Pg) n. 2

fine lavori 3Insulation of a preexistent building. Painting, floor, roof renovation and finishing.

Montemalbe (Pg)

coperturaintradossoCountry House building with a roof combining laminated timber and steel.

Casale in Pietra

Muratura pietraConstruction of a country house made of stone, with a wood roof..

Cantiere Volteco n. 2

03Pool floor paving with Volteco’s products (Plastivo 180).