CEI Srl is a construction company specialised in the recovery and reinforcement of buildings in need of renovation works. Besides, during the years the Company developed the key skills to restore ancient buildings, so CEI showcases a long renovation experience also in this field.

Each construction site aims to respect the architectural nature of the building, in order to give its beauties and pecularities new life.

Our production

Canneto (Perugia)

ArcoReinforcement works of a Medieval tower, which was previously shored up and surrounded by scaffolding.

Cantiere "Fasola" (Perugia)

HPIM0610Reinforcement works of a dovecote tower, which was previously shored up and surrounded by scaffolding. During the renovation, interior finishing and metal works were made.

Borgonovo Entertainment Centre (Perugia)

IMG_1324Facade recovery with VOLTECO’s mortar reinforced with fiber and related painting based on silicate.

Stone Country House

Muratura pietraConstruction of a country house made of stone, with a wood roof.

Sant'Arcangelo (Perugia)

img-20161124-wa0022Renovation of an old country house, composed of different buildings, on the shores of Trasimeno Lake.

Via Solitaria (Perugia)

img_2490Interior renovation, floor and fireplace installation, finishing.

Piazza della Repubblica (Perugia)

HPIM2826Interior finishing, stairwell, floor and painting.

Block of flats in Perugia

Block of flats renovation in the city centre of Perugia.